The Renusol VS is a pitched roof system that has "one-size-fits-all,"  preassembled parts making the system very cost effective and easy to install. This on-roof mounting solution is fast, competitive, stable and reliable.




The Renusol VS is a flexible and light on-roof system for pitched roofs that is suited for all roofing types and most current PV modules. Thanks to height-adjustable mounting elements, you can quickly adjust for different size modules. The installation of the few, pre-assembled components is easy and fast.  Stainless steel hardware and 6000 series aluminum rails provide strength and long life.  High strength-to-weight ratio rail design keeps cost low while allowing longer spans.

Renusol VS At A Glance

  • Simple, minimal system components
  • Preassembled mounting components
  • Proprietary patented "one-size fits all" height adjustable end clamps and snap-in-place mid clamps
  • Easily movable clamps, bolts and rail splice connectors quickly expand or change to desired on-roof panel design
  • L-Feet insert anywhere without sliding; complete with alignment indicator ensuring proper installation
  • Anti-slip hardware ensures modules stay in place
  • Rails stronger than most competitors with about 20% less weight 
  • Maximum rail spans up to 12 feet. Rails come in a variety of lengths up to 282.5"
  • Product is available in Mill Finish and Black Anodized

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VS System Components

1. L-Feet

The Renusol VS L-foot inserts anywhere without sliding and quickly secures your rail where needed.  The bolt alignment indicator on the screw ensures your L-foot is properly secured and won't compromise the structure of your panel. The Renusol VS L-foot has an adjustment range of 1 3/8 to 2 1/4.

2.  Rail

The rail is mounted with the L-foot and holds the end-clamp and the mid-clamp for the installation of the PV module as well as the rail connectors. Standard 8-pack rail lengths are 123" and 163.5.  Custom lengths are available up to 282.5".


3. Splice connector

This piece is used to join several rails together.  The rail connector is inserted into a premounted rail until it reaches the rivet.  The rivet in the middle presets the rail gap for thermal expansion. No fastening required.


4. Mid-clamp

The mid-clamp can be snapped into the desired position of the rail section and holds the PV module. The height of the mid-clamp can be adjusted to the frame height of the module using a hexagon socket screw. The mid-clamp adjusts for panels 30 to 50 mm.

5. End-clamp

The end clamp is placed on the section at the end f the rail and holds the PV module. The end clamp can be adjusted to accommodate frame heights from 30 to 50 mm.


Provides continuous grounding of panels to rails when placed under the mid-clamp.