Renusol America products have been in over 30 states since September 2011 with more to come. An overview of some of these projects can be found below.

Raymond Vineyards will become the largest 100 percent solar powered winery in Napa, according to utility provider Blue Sky Utility, a comprehensive developer of renewable energy systems that led Boisset’s solar installation. Blue Sky Utility, along with BPi as contractor, designed, constructed, and maintains Raymond's solar energy system which includes more than 50,000 square feet of panels on the winery’s roofs and a 17,000 square foot solar canopy, which also helps reduce energy by providing a covered, shaded area that will be utilized during harvest and to store fermentation tanks, reducing the amount of energy required to control their temperature. Blue Sky Utility and Bpi chose the Renusol VS pitched roof mounting system for installing the 3,123 Talesun 240 watt panels for this 750kW comprehensive system. In total, Boisset’s solar panels are expected to produce more than 1.3 million kWh/year, offsetting 990 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. p>



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