Ballasted Ground-Mount Solution

The Renusol GS is a non-penetrating one-piece mounting system for ground mount applications available in a 10° tilt. The product is made from a 100% recycled high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE). This durable system transports easily and sets up quickly. The non-penetrating Renusol GS is a great application for landfills, brownfield sites and other challenging terrain. One PV module mounts directly to one Renusol GS; no complex project design or complicated assembly required. The universal design accommodates all common 72-cell modules. The mounting system requires no grounding since it is made of non-conductive material. The simplicity of the Renusol GS saves installation time and overall cost. All components are made of weather-resistant materials guaranteeing long service and relatively maintenance-free life.


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Renusol GS at a Glance

  • One piece mounting system
  • Great application for landfills, brownfield sites, and other challenging terrain
  • Quick installation with 20 units per man hour on large projects
  • Made in America
  • Stackable product for compact, easy shipping
  • Universal system compatible with all common 72-cell PV modules
  • No grounding needed on the Renusol GS
  • PSFs As Low As 3.7
  • Most advanced wind tunnel testing up to 170 MPH


Installation Steps

Overlay neighboring units
Fasten units together, add ballast
Install T-washer on module frame
Fasten panel to Renusol GS